Displays for Consumer Electronics Stores - Showcases for TVs, Computers, Phones & Cables

Tables and Retail Shelving

This type of open shelving is great for featuring merchandise of different sizes from smartphones to computer monitors. Keep devices highly visible with these tables, shelves and pedestals.

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Black & Oak Stain Rustic Nesting Tables
Set of 2
Pine Wood
Oak Stain with Black Legs
tiered table for a store
Square Tiers

Display Cabinets

These clear glass cases, cabinets, and cash counters are ideal for showcasing items, saving floor space and ringing out customers. The fixtures feature here are available in a wide range of sizes and features such as locking doors and lighting.

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locking showcase
Top & Side Lighting
Display Showcases
Top & Side Lighting
Grace Tyler
glass counter
Essentials Series
38"h x 60"w
Side Lights

Slatwall Displays

These kiosks and towers are great for merchandising smaller items like phones, SD cards, USB cables and an assortment of other devices. Displays like these are perfect for their ability to showcase a large quantity and range of items.

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Sign Supplies

We offer both indoor and outdoor displays for getting the word out about your business. These signs are perfect for informing customers about the evolving and expanding market of electronics.

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Business Open Signs
27.25" x 9"
Vertical or Horizontal
Neon Style
window display for for a store
8-1/2" x11"
Hard Acrylic
4 Suction Cups
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24" x 36"
Fillable Swinger Base

Fixtures and Displays for Consumer Electronics Stores

Every year there's increasing buzz about the latest gadgets, devices and hardware. Since the debut of the smartphone and resurging popularity of the tablet, interest in consumer electronics has increased more and more. Businesses looking to capitalize on this trend are gearing up with the latest in computers, touchscreens, cell phones, and other flashy merchandise. In addition, conventional items like televisions have been updated for higher definition and new features such as 4K resolution and curved screens. Another prevalent trend in consumer electronics is the "wearable technology" popularized by the Fitbit®, Apple Watch® and smartwatch market in general. The ever-growing "Internet of Things" is another area that sees a large quantity of new merchandise every year.

How should shops go about selling these devices? Items like these are often made with their appearance in mind, so choosing an open display is important. For example, the size and resolution are the main selling points of monitors, so these aspects should be easily visible to potential customers. Visitors will want to see large phone screens, stylish tablet accessories, colorful flash drives and hardware specifications. Especially with more recent hardware such as phablets and smart watches, how the unit looks is often its entire pitch. How else will customers notice high end graphic capability and ergonomic design?

Featured here are open retail tables and shelving that are ideal for showing a number of high tech items such as flat screens, phones, tablets, phablets laptops and more. Exposed shelving like this is perfect for this industry because they can accommodate a number of models from a wide range. This type of open showcase also allows users to try devices and their software in the store. Usually the "try me" units are kept on the top shelf while boxes are kept below. Fixtures like these can also be used to show accessories such as printers, keyboards and mice so that patrons can see new innovative designs.

We also offer display cabinets as another high visibility option for selling consumer electronics. Each of the cases is made with clear tempered glass that is highly durable. This type of fixture is ideal for valuable merchandise because they keep electronics behind sturdy material. This type of shelving is available with a number of different options such as lighting for accentuating modern finishes and locking doors for preventing theft. Also available here are register stands and counters that can be used to create retail configurations that can act as a checkout area or focal point of an outlet.

For smaller items, slatwall displays are perfect for keeping them organized and at customers' eye level. Kiosks and towers with this type of paneling can feature phone cases, power cords and storage devices. With our various accessories such as hooks, pockets and shelves, store owners can save floor space by keeping merchandise on slatwall panels. These stands and panels come in a variety of finishes, shapes and sizes to complete any store floor. Additional add-ons such as signs and literature compartments can be used to inform customers about new offers or to sell literature like tech magazines.

Bringing patrons in is just as important as selling to them, and our sign supplies are the perfect solution. When the newest iPhone, television or operating system comes out, consumer electronics stores will want to advertise their availability. Sidewalk and window signs are great for reaching passersby about opportunities like these. In addition, we have a collection of open/closed fixtures that any shop can use to notify clientele. Both indoor and outdoor units are offered here, including iPad stands that can create dynamic advertisements and banner flags that wave in the wind to attract attention.

Consumer electronics store owners will need to think about how they set up their store with displays like these. Tables and retail shelving are better for holding "try-me" items like laptops, tablets and phones, while display cabinets are more often used for merchandise unavailable for trying. Another issue of balance is between these types of shelves that are more suited for larger models, and slatwall panels that can fit smaller accessories. However, slatwall add-ons include shelving that can accommodate computers and touchscreens in an easy-access location. Striking a balance between factors like merchandise size, eye-level displays and open or secure displays is important in selling consumer electronics.

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