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Small Business Saturday
Nov. 26th 2016

small business saturday shopping

Small Business Saturday only comes once a year but we understand that for any business, every day is important. StoreFixture.com offers everyday solutions for business merchandising, signage, and operations in retail, commercial, and professional environments. Small Business Saturday is designed to increase customer traffic at local businesses across the country. Companies in every industry can take advantage of pre-planned advertising and marketing campaigns focused on increasing traffic, engagement, revenue, and return sales for small, local operations in retail, commercial, service, hospitality, and professional establishments. StoreFixture.com has picked our best and most economical fixtures and display accessories to help operations of any size maximize profits and increase recognition on Small Business Saturday and every other day of the year!

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Countertop Risers & Displays:

Display risers are designed to make particular items or samples stand out in a way designed to attract and engage customers. Available in single stands as well as multi-tier counter fixtures, these individual product merchandising bases are a great way to introduce patrons to new, sale, or high-end products. In addition, having multiple levels or nested bases in different sizes allows retail displays to showcase an entire line of merchandise, or present entire groups of related items in one place as a subtle upsell. Counter displays and spinners offer maximum visibility for products, while ensuring stability in high traffic environments.

Frosted Cube Riser w/ 3mm Thick AcrylicAcrylic Cube Risers with Hollow Bottoms, Set of 3 - Frosted
metal spinner displayCountertop Spinner Rack for Blister Packs, Header, 2 Rotating Tiers, 12 Hooks
gift card holderWorkshop Series Rotating Gift Card Display w/ Sign Clip, Tabletop, 9 Pockets - Black
Black 4” Riser StandoffAcrylic Risers with 4" Black Aluminum Standoff - 9" x 9" - Clear

Pricing & Signage Holders:

Price and signage displays are the go-to tools for retailers, retaurants, commercial service businesses, and professional environments in any industry. Styles range from simple clips for price tags or product labeling to high visibility, portable sign boards that can be used indoors or outdoors to attract traffic, to quick-change signage holders designed for mounting or hanging in almost any location. Pricing and signage displays can be especially effective during the busy holiday season, as they make it easier for busy or crowded customers to quickly identify important details.

Black Write-On Easel for Tabletops5 x 7 Write-On Board for Counter, Wet or Dry Erase- Black
24 x 47 White Sidewalk Sign Board with Letter Set24 x 47 White Letter Board with Fillable Base, 2 Sided, 314 Letters - Black
Clear Plastic Poster Sleeve18 x 24 Sign Holder for Wall or Window, Adhesive Tape and Suction Cups - Clear
LED Open SignsOPEN Animated LED Sign with Chains, Oval - Blue & Red

Display Accessories:

Display accessories are a fast, economical way to ensure that existing sales furniture and fixtures can accommodate current merchandise and inventory. Peghooks, waterfall and faceout hangers, clothing hanger pegs, and sign holders are available in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate all merchandising styles. Adding specialty signage holders, changeable backers, shelving, price labeling, and other display accessories can update an existing fixture in seconds at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new gridwall, slatwall, or pegboard panel, gondola, or kiosk.

Gridwall Waterfall Display, Easy Installation16" Metal 7 Ball Waterfall Hook for Gridwall – White
Locking Pegboard HooksLocking Pegboard Hooks, White, X-Large, Magnetic Key- Set of 25
Beige Gondola Shelf Brackets12” Gondola Shelf Brackets, Steel – Beige
Black Cardboard Bulk BinsCardboard Dump Bin for Floor, Removable Header - Black

Merchandising Fixtures:

Merchandising fixtures are availble in several different formats: slatwall, grid wall, pegboard, and lightweight cardboard. These panels, kiosks, and gondolas function as stylish retail furniture that offers a wide variety of merchandising opportunities. Designed for stability as well as high visibility, these fixtures easily accommodate many different styles of hooks, hangers, shelves, bins, and sign holders. Locking clips allow high-ticket merchandise to be easily accessible in peak shopping areas while ensuring loss prevention in even the most crowded environment, while cardboard fixtures allow specialized and seasonal advertising features to be easily created without breaking the budget.

slatwall fixtures"H" Shaped Slatwall Fixture w/ 12 Shelves - Maple
grid wall fixtures3-Sided Gridwall Fixtures, Set of (2), Wheeled Bases, Includes (12) Baskets - Black
Tall Gondola Wall Shelving38 x 72 Gondola Shelving w/ Perforated Panels, Floor Standing, Double Sided - Beige
Black Pegboard Display Rack- Floor Standing Floor Standing Pegboard Spinner Rack, Magnetic– Black

Merchandising Solutions for Retail, Commercial, Professional, Institutional, Industrial, & Hospitality Businesses

Small Business Saturday was established to increase visibility and encourage small businesses growth in every industry. By encouraging shoppers to recognize that quality goods and services come in all shapes and sizes, across all sectors, and by helping operations of every size to create engaging advertisements and marketing campaigns, one Saturday in November each year provides a necessary and welcome boost to engagement, revenue, and traffic. StoreFixture.com offers a huge selection of merchandising display fixtures in a variety of configurations, styles, and price points to match any need at any level. Our everyday pricing model that starts at wholesaler levels and offers bulk-level pricing on even the smallest order, as well as same-day shipping on the majority of orders placed before 2pm EST, making us a great choice for any business dedicated to improving their bottom line!

What kinds of merchandising solutions does StoreFixture.com offer?

Different industries have different needs for successful operation. What works to advertise a line of clothing may not work to advertise a restaurant, or a service business. We source and offer a huge variety of display solutions in order to accommodate the needs of all industries — retail, commercial, professional, institutional, hospitality, and industrial. From the smallest small business to the largest retailer, StoreFixture.com is dedicated to providing fixtures, furnishings, and accessories to help our customers succeed, and grow!

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