Vape Shops and Emporiums

Register Stands and Retail Cases

These high visibility display cabinets let customers compare different makes, models and flavors of e-cigs, juices, vaporizers, accessories and more, while keeping the product safe. We offer a wide variety of counter widths that will match d├ęcor and sizing needs of any store.

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cash wrap $696.99
24" Cash Register Stand w/Locking Drawer, Adjustable Shelf, Ships Assembled - Black
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Jewelry Display Case $1,399.99
4ft. Glass Retail Counter w/ Mirror Deck, LED, Slider Doors, Ships Assembled, Silver
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Showcase Counter with LED Spotlights with 2 Adjustable Shelves $1,499.99
60" Retail Display Case w/LED Side Lights, Sliding Door, Push-in Lock - Black
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Lighted Glass Display Counter, 23.75" Overall Depth $1,299.99
60" Retail Display Case w/ Storage, LED Side Lights, Sliding Door - Black
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Countertop iPad Holders

Tablet mounts like these can be used as cash registers or as digital catalog of wares. Countertop, standing and wall mounted holders are available here for almost any touchscreen model.

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Universal Stand for Tablets at Malls $177.99
FlexStand iPad Counter Stand w/ Tilting Bracket, Rotating, Clamp & Lock - Black
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Anti-Theft Tablet and iPad Kiosk for Trade Shows $101.99
iPad Tablet Counter Stand, Foam Padding, Locking & Rotating Enclosure - Black
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Aluminum Tablet Stand for Sign-In Areas $149.99
FlexStand iPad Counter Stand w/ Tilting Bracket, Rotating, Clamp & Lock - Silver
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Black iPad Countertop Mount with Tilting Enclosure $103.99
iPad Counter Stand w/ Optional Locking Enclosure, Tilting Bracket - Black
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Tabletop Display Cases

Want to show customers e-cigs and e-liquids up close? Place one or more of these high visibility countertop display cases by the cash register for exposure. Our cabinets can feature lighting, locking and shelving options for accommodating any merchandiser.

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Illuminating Revolving Display Cabinet $726.99
Countertop Display Case w/ Spinning Shelves, LED Top Lighting & Locking Door - Black
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Unlit Countertop Glass Display Case $259.99
Countertop Display Case w/ Tempered Glass Shelves & Locking Door - Black
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Glass Countertop Display Case $426.99
Countertop Display Case w/ Glass Canopy Top, 3 Shelves - Silver
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acrylic display case for a retail store $164.99
Acrylic Countertop Display Case w/ 2 Shelves & Hinged, Locking Door
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Advertising Signage

Get the word out about your business with both indoor and outdoor signs. Whether it's placed in the window or on the sidewalk, potential customers will know when the store opens and what new wares are offered.

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LED Open Signs $176.99
OPEN Animated LED Sign with Chains, Oval - Blue & Red
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Outdoor signs with white A-frame design $240.99
Sidewalk Sign for 24 x 36 Poster Boards, Double-Sided, Fillable Base - White
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sign display $67.99
11 x 17 Sign Holder for Tabletop, with Magnetic Lens, Curved - Silver
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window display for for a store $26.49
Workshop Series 8.5 x 11 Window Sign Holder with Suction Cups, Double-sided - Clear
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Vape Stores and the Retail Displays They Need

Not too long ago, the vaping and electronic cigarette industry did not exist. Today, it's one of the fastest growing fields. It brings in $3 billion worldwide and is made up of more than 400 brands. Vape stores are popping up as more and more people make the transition from traditional tobacco products to vaporizers, electronic cigarettes and other devices. With over 7,000 e-juice flavors ranging from bubblegum to bacon, there's something for everyone.

E-cigarettes and vaporizers are highly visual products. Some are meant to resemble cigarettes in both shape and color, while other models are made with function in mind. However, most if not all vapes feature a sleek metallic or plastic finish that gives them an almost "space age" look. In addition, users can easily see their features just by looking at them. For example, does it have a rechargeable battery? Does it have an ergonomic design? How large is the tank? Is it a cigalike, eGo or mod kit? Like any growing industry, new models are always in development, meaning customers will be looking for improvements and innovators. Vapor shop merchandisers can take advantage of this by creating high visibility displays that give customers a full view.

We offer tempered glass display cases that allow store owners to keep large quantities of ecigs and e-liquids in plain sight. These floor standing fixtures come in a number of sizes and shapes for showcasing wares in any space. This includes cabinets and register stands with hidden storage areas, corner designs, custom graphic panels and pullout drawers. Units with built-in lighting systems are especially useful to the e-cig industry because they can highlight aesthetically pleasing devices while giving them extra luster. With these tools, it's easy for any merchandiser to create an attention-grabbing display or an effective smoke shop point of sale counter.

iPad stands are a great choice for completing a sales counter because they make great cash registers with a Square Reader. Alternatively, they can be used to display digital catalogs that inform customers about the large selection of e-cigarettes and e-liquids. Options for this category include a locking case, adjustable brackets and access to the home button. In addition, the holders are available as wall or counter mounts, as well as free standing kiosks. Many models can fit any tablet, not just Apple® devices.

Complete a cabinet or table showcase by placing a countertop display case on top, maximizing the merchandising area of any vapor shop. These smaller stands are the perfect choice for relatively small vaporizers because they keep them close to eye-level. Like their larger counterparts, they feature a clear, durable tempered glass construction and come with similar options such as shelving, lighting and locking doors. Storing e-liquids in one of these cabinets is another great choice because it allows customers to easily see the different e-juice flavors, nicotine levels and PG/VG blends.

Bring in customers with advertising signage for both indoor and outdoor use. Attract passersby into your smoke shop by placing an A-frame or wind-resistant spring sign on the sidewalk. Window signage can notify when the store is open or it can be used with custom graphics. With the constantly updating vaporizer market, there's always a need for advertising the latest model or accessory. Also included here are small pricing displays that can clip onto shelves and outdoor banner flags that are printed with full color images.

How do you place these vaping display fixtures to maximize space for displaying merchandise? A great way to create a setup is to line the walls with display cabinets and create rows of cases for showing different vaporizers. Another popular style is to set up a bar made of retail furniture, complete with bar stools with additional shelves behind the counter. Some smoke shop owners prefer to create a more relaxed lounge atmosphere, while others want to preserve a "retail only" feeling. These store supplies are beneficial to both types of retailer.

All store supplies shown here are sold with wholesale pricing to benefit businesses that buy in singles or bulk. Each fixture is also offered with same day shipping when available. specializes in sending wares quickly so business owners can get their shop set up quickly. Search our massive catalog for 1000s of great retail supplies that can complete and location.

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