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Easy to do, but takes several minutes to construct, and an assistant for shorter assembly time.

You will need:

* Flathead screwdriver

* Phillips head screwdriver


All hardware is included.

Step 1

Screw in all bolts on side panels.
Step 2

Insert cam locks into bottom panel. (see image below) Connect bottom panel to side panel by tightening cam locks.
Proper alignment of cam lock. Using a flathead screwdriver, turn clockwise to tighten  
  Step 3

Use wooden pegs to connect top front panel to side panel.
    Step 4

Insert first panel with aluminum channels and tighten cam locks.
    Step 5

Insert second panel with aluminum channels making sure that the channels are facing inward towards the other panel with channels.
Step 6

Tighten camlocks clockwise.
Step 7

Carefully slide glass panel into grooves.
Step 8

Attach bottom shelf panel.
  Step 9

Attach bottom support and tighten cam locks.
    Step 10

Attach side panel and tighten remaining cam locks.
    Step 11

Flip unit right side up. Insert shelf pegs at desired heights.(You may need a rubber mallet - the pegs are a tight fit)
  Step 12

Slide in the glass shelf and use a screwdriver to tighten the shelf pegs so that the glass is secured firmly in place.
    Step 13

Insert the top of the door panel into the top inner channel. Drop door into bottom inner channel. Repeat for other door, using the outer channel.
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