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Easy to do, but takes several minutes to construct, and an assistant for shorter assembly time.

You will need:

* Flathead screwdriver

* Phillips head screwdriver


All hardware is included.

  Step 1

Using a phillips head screwdriver, screw in two bolts.
        Step 2

Insert the angle paneled cams so that the openings face the same direction as the bolts.
    Step 3

Turn the cams clockwise to tighten and lock them into place.
  Step 4

Add 2 side panels. Attach each of the side panels with 2 cams. Turn cams clockwise to tighten.
        Step 5

Find the narrower side panel.
    Step 6

Attach side panel to base using 3 screws.
  Step 7

Move the wider side panel into position.
        Step 8

Attach side panel to base and other side panel using 6 screws. Position the shelves as needed.
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