White Retail Slatwall Fixtures are a Cost-Effective Shopfitting System

White Slatwall Fixtures for a More Efficient Store Layout

What is one of the best ways to design your store's floor plan for a better customer shopping experience? White retail slatwall fixtures feature one of our most popular finishes that simply enhance the appearance of multi-colored merchandise. Whether mounted to the wall or placed out on the sales floor, these slotted shopfitting solutions are standard, stock displays that ship quickly to your place of business. There are a number of different white retail slatwall fixtures available along with all the accessories that allow you to showcase your merchandise with style and make shopping easier for your customers. Starting with our slotted wall panels, these offerings are small in size but can also be lined up side-by-side as well as up-and-down to create a continuous stretch of display area. However, most models featured on this page come in free-standing styles for central placement on the floor. We have the traditional gondola as well as many tall cubes with rotating towers. These slatwall fixtures feature four sides of display area which can each hold a lot of merchandise, from folded garments to hanging blister packs. The collection also features lots of slatwall accessories with a matching white finish. These include waterfall hooks, faceouts, shelf supports, you name it. Hidden behind stacks of product, it's easy to forget how important slat wall displays are to the retailer. They might not always be front and center, but their role is vital in attracting the shopper's attention.

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