White Retail Cash Wraps Complete Your Store's Layout

Retail sales counters manufactured with a bright white finish let your merchandise absolutely pop. Having the opposite effect of black fixtures, white cash wraps offer a lighter appearance that make colorful items displayed inside much more visible. The melamine-panel construction is fabricated from particle board with a thermally-fused layer of resin, providing a very durable finish that stands up to repeated use. This melamine surface is scratch, heat, and discoloration resistant.

If you happen to like white store counters and showcases, there are a number of different fixtures to choose from that are modular in nature. They can be used as standalone displays or as one part of an entire cash wrap configuration. Plain models without glass are ideal service counters and register stands for businesses of all kinds. Built into the insides are drawers and shelves that provide plenty of extra space for supplies. Showcases and corner units featuring glass hold merchandise for display. All glass windows and shelving is tempered for safety; meaning, in the event of breakage, the glass will crumble into small pieces. Also available are complete layouts consisting of many components combined side-by-side. These configurations add lots of valuable real estate for merchandise display as well as lengthy counter space for customer interaction and/or purchasing. StoreFixture stocks all cases and counters for same day shipment. Purchasing a large configuration with 9 components? All pieces ship out the same day!

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