Covid Safety Barrier Shields Protect Public Spaces, Employees, and Customers

Covid Safey Barrier Shields and Sneeze Guards for Added Public Health Precautions

Covid Safety Barrier Shields

Is your business doing everything it can to help protect both employees and customers from spreading or contracting infectious diseases? Our covid safety barrier shields are specifically designed to accommodate workers including cashiers, receptionists, tellers, and customer service representatives without limiting their work functionality. Place a clear acrylic sneeze guard between yourself and your customer to do your part in preventing the spread of COVID-19, the flu, or any other disease. These COVID safety barrier shields are easy to clean and disinfect with simple alcohol wipes on or between shifts to ensure a sanitary environment is always maintained. Choose from single or multi-panel acrylic splash guards depending on if your employees handle customers head-on or from multiple directions. Some COVID safety shields that we offer feature pre-cut armholes so employees may continue to handle materials or patients whilst remaining protected at all times.

Letting your customers and employees know that your business cares about their health and safety can go a long way, not only giving them the peace of mind but building loyalty in these troubling times as well. Use a COVID safety barrier shield in any customer-facing environment such as retail stores, gas stations, banks, and grocery stores to maintain a clean, sanitary workplace. We offer a plethora of reopening supplies for businesses, including hand sanitizer stands and dispensers, to keep your store operating smoothly. Shop to equip your business with everything it needs to get back up and running during the COVID crisis.

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