SplashBox - Enhanced Reality Display Fixtures for In-Store Merchandising

SplashBox Enhanced Reality Fixtures for High Impact Visual Merchandising

splashbox enhanced realtiy display fixtures

Have you considered adding enhanced reality display fixtures to your in-store or commercial business marketing program? Designed to bring the familiarity of the online or digital shopping experience into brick-and-mortar environments, these cutting edge accessories combine physical and electronic content to create fully customized merchandising that will attract attention in any location. Our new SplashBox enhanced reality display fixtures are high visibility in-store digital kiosks with a flat-panel electronic marketing presentation overlaid on a clear acrylic merchandise container. The beauty of this type of integrated omni-channel merchandising is that it spans all current touchpoints that impact customer acquisition. These easy to program and easy to install stands function as a strategic innovation platform that allows businesses to incorporate digital concept advertising into their physical marketing campaigns without hiring dedicated programmers or designers. One of the newest digital visual merchandising trends, enhanced reality display fixtures for today’s connected businesses function as the last step in a creative buyer journey spanning online advertising, email, printed graphics, and finally, in-store engagement.

What exactly is digital visual merchandising?
  • SplashBox enhanced reality display fixtures for commercial use are black or white acrylic boxes designed to hold retail merchandise, product samples, artwork, and much more. Depending on the model, each box will have either a one or a three-sided see-through “window” design. The front panel of each showcase incorporates clear LCD technology that functions as a digital sign to play pre-recorded custom multimedia content. Interior LED strip lighting illuminates the objects for a dramatic presentation.
  • Digital visual merchandising, like electronic signage, incorporates multi-media content into high visibility presentations. Depending on the environment, these can be designed to engage customer interest, showcase brand identity imaging, educate or inform visitors, or give detailed information about processes such as sourcing, manufacturing, and customization.
  • SplashBox playing animated video content
  • Like traditional in-store marketing fixtures, SplashBox accessories are designed to attract the attention of customers, visitors, and passers-by in both high traffic and luxury environments. However, the benefit of combining a digital shopping experience with physical merchandising is that customers are given a sense of connection greater than simply watching a presentation. In addition, the unique 3D effect makes this type of high visibility advertising ideal for heavy trafficked locations such as concourses, hall or walkways, and atria.

Today’s businesses and organizations generally understand the need to operate on several channels at once. Websites attract leads, online advertisements drive traffic, industry groups offer expert advice, and targeted email campaigns encourage customers to visit brick-and-mortar locations. Electronic in-store marketing display fixtures allow businesses to integrate strategic messaging across all channels, leading to increased customer engagement. Digital visual merchandising, like our SplashBox line of fixtures that combine a physical showcase with a multimedia presentation, encourages customers to view specialty merchandise, products, or demonstration models in a more personal fashion than simply watching a slideshow or scrolling through a directory.

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