Child Mannequins in Plain or Realistic Styles

Children Mannequins - Fiberglass Kid Forms Display Small Sizes

children mannequins What makes these children mannequins a valuable addition to retail clothing store advertising campaigns? The life like features, including the realistic heads on some models, allow kids and adults see how the fashions are supposed to fit. These female and male children mannequins, frequently referred to as dress models, come in different dimensions to represent the average sizes of various age ranges. Full bodies entice potential clients with the fully formed hands, textured hair and facial features. Managers of retail clothes shops and boutiques use the store fixtures to capture the attention of shoppers. The floor standing dress forms can be set up in the storefront window, in an aisle, on a tabletop or any other promotional space within the shop. The mannequins all include stable bases to ensure that the body or torso remains upright. Kid clothes merchants are welcome to market garments in the most heavily trafficked areas of the shop with these store fixtures. Bases are perfect for any flat surface. All the male and female displays are at least partially crafted out of fiberglass for a rugged construction that will last through many fashion cycles. The mannequins for floors wear jackets, shirts, trousers, dresses, skirts and apparel accessories. Some of the figures even include heads for donning a cap or other headwear. Dress models are adjustable in height or at the limbs for conveniently adorning the body with wares for kids. These children mannequins can also be manipulated to strike poses that better accentuate the apparel. Retail store fixtures can also be used by art galleries and tailors.

How durable are these dress models?

  • Professional children mannequins are sturdy store fixtures constructed from rugged materials for years of use within retail shops and other clothing settings. All of the kid figures use fiberglass either for the exterior or inner core. Fiberglass is a very durable composite, but lightweight for easy repositioning.
  • Stands are included with all the apparel models for kids. Stable bases are necessary when promoting heavy jackets and garments in busy shops. Tempered glass bases are chemically treated to be sturdier than traditional glass platforms. The jersey fabric covered torsos have wooden tripods that support the displays.
  • All the store fixtures include at least one metal component to bolster the displays. Height adjustable figures feature have a strong post that keeps the torso in full view. The full kid bodies come with metal heel and calf rods that steady the forms while in various poses.

How do the wholesale dress models capture the attention of window shoppers?

  • Full bodied figures of kids feature attractive facial characteristics that augment the clothing. Realistic lips, eyes, noses and mouths offer a very natural appearance that accents the garbs on sale. The flesh tone exteriors and fully formed hands add to their appeal. Customers will see the model and imagine themselves in the clothing.
  • The torso styles have fabric jerseys that will match or highlight different aspects of the wares. Neutral colors suit almost any fabric design. Patterned jersey fabric is a fun way to add some excitement to monochromatic clothing.
  • These torso children models also use wood for an upscale accent appropriate for dapper cardigans, gowns, blouses for kids and other formal apparel. The wooden base and neck block gives the clothing a much more polished appearance.

dress modelsClothing the children figures in garments is a very simple process. Full bodied kid displays have detachable extremities for quickly dressing or undressing the store fixtures. Employees may pull off both hands and arms for fast changes. Slide sleeveless dresses over the heads without worrying about raising and lowering arms. Similarly, retail store workers will experience no trouble with adorning the children dummies with trousers, shorts or skirts. Pull the body off the tempered glass stand to guide the apparel through the legs. Shoe stores may even elect to advertise sneakers, boots, wingtips and other footwear on the store fixtures. While unable to advertise footgear, kid torsos are even easier to adorn. Simply wrap a jacket around the shoulders or throw a gown over the finial. These child torsos can be raised to present longer dresses or skirts. Boutiques may even pin the garments to the correct position on the body.

This collection of professional children dummies includes different heights and body types to represent the average size for a kid of a specific age range. Toggery shops selling outfits for 4 to 6 year olds can use the 50"h models. The selection includes 58"h children figures to market the latest fashions for 8 to 10 year olds. Clothing stores that sell garments to slightly older kids should consider the height adjustable forms. These adjusting children models offer a height range for various kid ages. Female and male store fixtures are in stock and ready for purchase.

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