Mobile Phone Lockers for Personal Items Feature Combination Locks

Mobile Phone Lockers Offer Secure Cell Phone Storage

Combination lock for cell phone locker

Full-size metal lockers are great for schools and changing rooms, but they can be overkill when it comes to securing your smartphone and wallet. These mobile phone lockers provide smaller cell phone storage for personal items and valuables. Service industries like restaurants and assisted living centers, as well as assembly and manufacturing plants often have strict employee policies regarding cell phone use during working hours. These wall mounted mobile phone lockers offer an organized and compact solution for employee compliance. Each door has a 4-digit combination lock with a master control key. Our mobile phone lockers are sold in two versions: 14 or 20 compartment models with durable silver or bronze powder-coated finishes.

What are the main features of these cell phone storage cabinets?

  • The mobile phone lockers are fabricated with heavy duty aluminum. All compartments offer 8" deep storage space.
  • The combination locks can be fixed for a designated employee or reset after each use for first come, first served.
  • In the case of a lost or forgotten code, we include 2 sets of keys that override the combination.
  • Each door also comes with a plastic card holder for assigning or identifying a storage unit if so desired.

Employees making personal calls during working hours can interrupt productivity and attentiveness towards safety. In addition, loud ring tones and speaking voices can be a total distraction to others. Certain companies, like FedEx for example, have gone the distance by prohibiting mobile phones in the workplace entirely. While this seems excessive, most companies prefer to take a more balanced position by incorporating policies and/or use limits upfront and then managing personal device use from the position of each employee's performance. However, for those industries that require mobile devices be put away, these lockers provide peace of mind for business owners and users alike.

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