Countertop iPad Stands for Business with Secure Tablet Display Options

iPad Counter Stands - Commercial Grade Countertop Tablet Holders for Public & Staff Access

countertop iPad stand

Are you looking to incorporate countertop iPad stands into your business operating strategy? High visibility cases for Apple® and Android® devices are ideal for attracting attention and enhancing efficiency in commercial, professional, educational, manufacturing, and medical environments. These touchscreen fixtures are designed to display content and programming, making them perfect retail marketing or POS stations, check-in and check-out fixtures, information stations, workstations, timeclocks, or wayfinding directories. Our countertop iPad stands come in many different styles and colors and with many different mounting options to accommodate the many potential uses. Desktop touchscreen display accessories for placement in stores or business operations offer multi-function usability, from displaying rich media content to customers while keeping your sales force free, to serving as point of sale checkout stations that flip from staff-facing to customer-facing as needed. Our countertop iPad stands, also known as counter-mounted tablet holders, offer a variety of usability options as well as styles to accommodate different needs. Home button, camera, and port access can be enabled or blocked, rotation can be fixed or allowed, and devices can be either freely installed or locked in place as required for security.

What are the installation options offered for counter-mounted tablet holders?
  • Commercial countertop iPad stands with bolt-on mounts are ideal for use in professional and retail environments. These fixed displays can be used as customer-facing sales and marketing players, inventory kiosks, staff point of sale fixtures, or all of the above. Our locking cases and mounts keep Apple and Android tablet computers safe while still giving the public access to programming as desired by covering or exposing Home buttons. Rotation, tilt, and flip functionality allow installed devices to have maximum usability.
  • Portable counter-mounted tablet holders include sturdy weighted base models for business displays and clamps that attach to counters, desks, or trade show booth fixtures and can be moved as needed. This type of portable iPad stand is a great choice for facility or office use, and is a great choice for interactive sales presentations in off-site environments. Trade show booths, customer service desks, meeting tables, and more are all easily turned into information centers with a portable device holder.
  • Handheld mounts are simple, lightweight iPad stands that range from simple plastic enclosures to golding folio-style decorative tablet holders. Commercial quality construction and design can feature handles, built-in cable locks, alarms, and other features designed to accommodate personal, office, business, or school uses.
What are some of the features of commercial countertop tablet stands?
  • Home button access: Depending on the enclosure style, user access to Home functions can be blocked or allowed. Certain models come with optional plugs to eliminate unauthorized program use.
  • In addition to "universal holders" with easel or clamp mounts, device stands accommodate almost ever Apple® and Android® touchscreen model. Detailed product descriptions and sizing specs ensure perfect usability matching between stands and supported devices.
  • Fixed and portable mounts alike feature tilt, rotation, and even full 180° "flip" functionality. Articulated mounting arms allow extention and a wide range of movement to accommodate user needs.
  • Security features include lockable case enclosures, bolt-on installation, and even add-on locking cables to protect installed devices.

These mounts are designed to make Apple and Android touchscreen devices easier to use in almost any environment. Each of these tablet holders features user and customer friendly design elements, usability features, security aspects, and durable construction to make them ideal for use by the public or in public environments. These professional-quality fixtures easily accommodate shared staff use in retail, manufacturing and industrial businesses as well as in corporate offices. Our wide selection of versatile fixtures includes a variety of finish colors, case designs, and usability features to match almost any professional tablet display need.

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