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Write-On Pricing Displays - Custom Retail Boards & Signage

write-on pricing display

Do you need write-on pricing displays for your custom signage needs and advertising purposes? Making the choice between pre-printed signs and boards that can be written on purely depends on your personal preference. However, unlike pre-printed signs, write-on pricing displays are more practical and cost effective. You have the ability to change the message, prices and sales announcements as frequently as you please without having to re-print expensive graphics. The write-on pricing displays, or custom signage, are ideal for grocery stores, malls, restaurants, cafes and bistros. The DIY message panels can be used with liquid chalk or wet erase markers and easily clean with a damp cloth. We offer both floor standing and countertop models for all your pricing and menu needs.

What are some of the advantages of using liquid chalk and wet erase markers on your boards?

  • The write-on pricing displays can be decorated with bright, neon colors are eye-catching and vibrant unlike dry erase markers which can often look flat and boring.
  • The color options vary greatly with liquid chalk. Choose from bright neons like pink, orange and lime green or earth tones for a more subtle look.
  • Cleaning and removing liquid chalk or wet erase markers is significantly easier than dry erase. Simple wet a cloth or napkin and remove the writing on the board for quick, custom changes.
  • Use the liquid chalk markers not just on your signs and boards but on metal and windows as well.

There are a multitude of places to use these custom signage systems and boards. Place the in cafes, bistros, bakeries and restaurants to display menu items, drink specials or pricing. The write-on displays can be used in grocery stores to mark certain items or products that are on sale. The floor-standing models are ideal for retail settings and specialty stores. Use the custom boards at trade shows, expos and other events to draw attention to your booth as well. Choose the advertising board that best fits your needs and display specifications.

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