Greeting Card Displays | Racks, Floor Stands & Pockets for Retail Cards & Postcards

Greeting & Post Card Displays - Wire and Acrylic Floor Stands & Counter Fixtures for Retail Environments

greeting card display

Do you need greeting card displays to organize retail postcards and special occasion cards? We offer a wide variety of fixed and spinner models for both floor and counter use. Outfit your retail location with these wire and acrylic stands to maximize the sale of cards. The spinning greeting card displays are made to display dozens of cards at once with pockets for neatly placing certain themes together. Organize holiday, birthday, sympathy and get well cards in one unit while distinguishing each category. The counter fixtures are ideal for use on cash wraps or register stands because they take up a small space but are placed right at eye level for the customer. These greeting card displays, also known as postcard racks, are also available in floor standing models for those who wish to save valuable counter or table space.

What are some of the features of these postcard racks?
  • Greeting card displays come in both wire and acrylic which allow you to choose which style best fits your retail setting.
  • The spinning design makes browsing the selection a breeze for the customer.
  • Counter fixtures and floor standing models frequently include a header card which can be customized to display price, specials or sales.
  • Multi-pocket card racks are available with a varying number of pockets - choose from six-pocket to 72 pocket models based on your postcard selection.

These postcard racks are perfect for displaying a huge variety of standard greeting cards. Place birthday cards, sympathy notes or wedding wishes in the same holder. The spinning stands are perfect for gas stations, stores, boutiques or specialty stores. We carry black or white spinners to match any d├ęcor or setting. Choose from our large line of retail fixtures to make the most of your counter space and encourage sales of cards and postcards. Our simple-to-view fixtures are cost effective and ultra-durable for high-traffic areas. Save money by purchasing at wholesale prices and enjoy same-day shipping on your order when placed before 2 P.M. EST. Order now!

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