Snack Bag Clips & Spinner Racks Make Great Store Displays for Impulse Items

Spinner Racks and Clips for Snack Bags and Impulse Purchases

108-clip snack bag spinner rack

Want to place small items by the point of sale? These snack bag clips & spinner racks are excellent for encouraging impulse purchases in retail stores. These versatile merchandisers give customers easy access to chips, candy, toys, makeup accessories, and other fast-moving goods. Snack bag clips & spinner racks, also known as wire displays & strips, are offered in a variety of models to accommodate a wide variety of merchandise. Browse window-mounted plastic chip hangers, countertop peg stands, and freestanding multi-tier towers that increase your stock's visibility. Snack bag clips & spinner racks, are economical fixtures that can help give any business a boost.

What are the different styles of wire displays & strips?
  • Snack bag clips & spinner racks with pegs have a large capacity for storage. Hooks range in size from 4" to over 6" to feature more chips and candy. This type of fixture is ideal for POS displays, displaying impulse items such as gift cards, makeup accessories, and small bagged goods. Countertop fixtures are often used at checkout counters to showcase specific accessories or sale items. Larger, freestanding tower spinners are perfect for seasonal or remainder goods and can hold a huge variety of merchandise.
  • Plastic clips create instant showcases that entice customers to browse. Ideal for clothing, accessories, bagged or wrapped goods, alligator-style attachments come in either pre-mounted strips or as wire fixtures that serve as a base holder for hook-on clips. This versatile mount style is great for everything from clothing items to toys to accessories to bagged snacks. Countertop holders are ideal for impulse items at checkout or specialty items in specific departments. Full-size freestanding towers with snack bag clips have the same effect on the sales floor.
  • Snap-in hook strips come in a choice of mounting style. The simple plastic clip-on attachments come with clear or white hooks built into thin acrylic strips with either an S-hook or suction cup at the top. Removable headers allow these versatile fixtures to be used as single strips or hooked together for larger sales displays. While these high visibility displays are a superior way to display bagged snacks, they can also be used for sundries, small toys, and even rubber-coil keychains.

Plastic or metal wire racks & strips are great for any retail environment. Specialty stores, boutiques, grocery markets, department stores and even professional offices or service businesses find that this type of fixture is ideal for countertop or sales floor use showcasing point of sale merchandise. The economical construction ranges from inexpensive plastic and cardboard to long-lasting metal wire. For impulse, seasonal or every day merchandising, this affordable fixture style is a superior choice for creating high visibility displays that will attract customers.

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