41" Wide and Larger Display Cases

41" Wide and Larger Display Cases - High Visibility Tempered Glass & Wood Fixtures


41" wide and larger display cases are among the most highly visible merchandising furniture options available today. Their sheer size ensures that a large number of items can be showcased at one time, or that maximum attention will be drawn to smaller collections. This type of fixture is appropriate for many different locations and environments, from strictly retail merchandising displays to professional office environments to institutional use to private residential applications. Due to their size and weight, this type of construction is very sturdily made and uses commercial grade materials. Tempered glass, natural wood, laminated MDF and wood or aluminum framing ensure that each cabinet provides maximum stability and lasts for years of long use. Available in widths ranging from 41" to a full 75 inches wide, these massive cases come with a variety of options to match the needs of any merchandising or collection display. Interior lighting is a key way to highlight contents and includes fluorescent canopy tube lights, halogen top and side track lighting and energy efficient LEDs. Lighting controls also come in an array of styles for ease of use and accessibility. Many of our commercial grade cases are designed specifically for retail or archival use and feature security options that limit access while allowing full visibility. Locking doors and storage compartments ensure that contents are fully protected while allowing customers and passersby up to 360%deg; viewing. In addition to plunger and key locks, the tempered glass used for casings and shelving offers maximum stability and protection. Tempered safety glass is significantly more resistant to impact or breakage than traditional annealed glass, and, if broken, will not create sharp, dangerous shards. For these reasons tempered glass is ideal for use in high traffic public areas. Individual cabinet designs vary widely, and can be matched to merchandising needs as well as décor. Styles range from ultra-modern industrial style powder-coated cases with neutral frame colors to classic, traditional wood cases with architectural detailing and rich finish colors. Each design or line is generally available in multiple finishes so that no matter the need, location or environment, our huge selection of extra-wide display cabinetry will offer a case that meets those needs.

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