31" to 40" Wide Display Cases

31" to 40" Wide Display Cases - Wood, Laminate & Metal Framing

31 to 40 inch wide display cases

31" to 40" wide display cases make a statement in any environment because they are simply impossible to miss, thereby drawing customer attention to the contents. Ranging from six to seven feet in height, these multi-shelf cabinets allow stores, galleries, institutions, businesses and even private residences to truly showcase merchandise and collectibles. The versatile fixtures are available in a choice of styles and designs that can complement, coordinate with or provide arresting visual contrast to their surroundings as desired. The huge variety of design and construction options available means that any merchandiser need, from security to visibility to mobility, can be accommodated with ease. Shelving and cases made from durable tempered glass are impact and shatter-resistant, offering a higher level of safety and security to both contents and customers than traditional annealed glass. Plunger and traditional key-locks ensure that merchandise, collectibles and general wares are protected from theft or damage while remaining easily accessible by staff members. In models with built-in lighting, illumination ranges from soft, natural halogen lights to energy-efficient LEDs. Different ambient and spot-lighting choices can help businesses direct customer attention as well as creating stylish, elegant feature displays in any environment. Durable framing allows even portable, sectional cabinets to withstand heavy use in high traffic areas. Sturdy MDF, durable plywood, metal framing or traditional wood construction creates long-lasting, furniture quality commercial grade cabinets, while the variety of finish, laminate and veneer colors range from sleek, contemporary neutral shades to classic wood finishes to match any decor. From traditional decorative corner curio cabinetry to ultra-modern hexagonal frameless glass merchandise showcases to industry-specific designs for optometrists' office lens frame displays and beyond, mid-width cabinetry is a superior choice for any use.

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