Cash Wrap Counter in Modular Configurations for Easy Store Setups

Cash Wrap Configurations - Custom Multi-Counter Retail Store Display Fixtures

cash wrap counters

Did you know that the cash wrap counter is in many ways the focal point of customers' shopping experience? No matter what business model, specialization, or industry of any store is, it is a certainty every consumer who makes a transaction there will do so at some type of fixture or countertop and with some level of interaction with employees. The retail cash wrap counter, also known as a commercial checkout and display fixture, is not so much a single piece of business furniture as a bank of multifunctional work surfaces to accommodate staff and customer needs alike. These versatile store furniture pieces combine to offer storage, visual branding or merchandising, and product sampling as helping to declutter and organize space. offers a wide selection of pre-configured modular cash wrap counter configurations for sale in many sizes, finishes and styles. Our point of purchase merchandising sets are economical collections designed to fit a wide variety of spaces and floor layouts, business industries, and general uses while still offering the look and feel of custom built commercial sales furniture.

What kind of multifunction work surfaces do these checkout and display fixtures offer?
  • Cash wrap counters are so-called because at one time customers paid for purchases in cash and had them wrapped to go all at the same fixture. Today's point of sale fixtures are designed to accommodate the growing variety of available payment methods. A modern checkout counter is just as likely to need a cash drawer as it is to require space for mounting a Square-compatible countertop iPad holder.
  • Many businesses use multi-counter fixtures as sales and merchandising islands throughout their operation. Crystal clear tempered glass construction offers maximum visibility as well as ensuring customer — and product — safety in case of breakage. Commercial checkout and display fixtures range from staff-facing storage cases with front graphics for visual branding and ledge-tops for check writing to clear shelving units in full, half, or partial-vision models. Available options include open access for customers or locking rear-access sliding doors accessible only to staff, hidden storage for accessories or excess inventory management, and a variety of corner counter options.
  • Sturdy construction is required for high traffic fixtures used as in-store sampling stations, tester areas, and build-your-own interactive kiosks. Depending on the level of visibility required for contents, countertop construction materials can include tempered safety glass, sturdy manufactured or real wood, durable aluminum, and a variety of laminates. Closed-top fixtures come with a variety of front display shelving options that make them ideal interactive in-store stations.
  • Whether used as a single bank of checkout counters near the exit or as in-store merchandise display islands, commercial checkout and display fixtures are doubly effective when they can double as workstations. While the traditional gift wrap counter is not necessarily required year-round in stores, an uncluttered staff work surface is. Multifunction customer service stations can easily serve as service desks for addressing returns or consumer questions as well as equipment stands for phones, registers, scanners, and computer systems. Allowing employees to utilize counter space for non-checkout related work increases their visibility on the sales floor.

Multi-counter configurations are available in a variety of arrangements to match store spatial and function needs. From straight line cash wrap cases and simple "L" or "U" shaped layouts to circular, square, and rectangular point of sale stands that create more than 40 feet of integrated merchandising space, countertops and product merchandising stands are designed to attract customer attention and facilitate the buying process on all levels. Rich natural and neutral finish shades ensure that fixtures of any size complement decor as well as inventory. Combining locking stands and storage with open-access shelving and full vision merchandising space is ideal for offering customers items that span a full variety of price points, from impulse buys to high-end top quality items.

Many counter styles are designed to accommodate custom printed visual branding at store or product line level. Uniform finishes and designs allow sectional closed-front fixtures to hold and store accessories, inventory, equipment, or supplies while complementing shelved and open units. Easy-change standoff graphics mounting systems allow advertising and marketing displays to keep up with changing inventory and product lines. Multiple countertops mean that multiple ad types can be showcased without reducing merchandising space, allowing for custom visual branding on both product and store levels.

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