Entry Mats for Business Foyers and Work Stations

Entry Mats - Floor Covers for Commercial Use

Are you looking to deter theft with dummy security cameras & entry mats in your business? We carry an entire line of equipment and floor covers for commercial locations. The dummy security cameras & entry mats are the perfect way to furnish a business. The decoy cameras allow you to trick customers and potential thieves into thinking you have a working security system when in fact you have inexpensive, imitation surveillance. The cameras are designed to rotate and blink to create an even more realistic looking presentation. We offer dome cameras as well as modern styles to fit every environment. The entry mats are perfect for inviting guests into your store or creating displays within your shop. Choose from different colors, textures and shapes. We offer custom printing for you to choose colors, logos and prints on your floor covers. The rubber border and non-skid backing prevent people from tripping or snagging on the carpets. The rugs can be easily vacuumed in high-traffic areas for clean-up.

What are some of the features of these dummy security cameras & entry mats?

  • The fake surveillance units can be placed indoors or outdoors to deter theft.
  • Both the dome and realistic-looking units have blinking red lights and swivel technology to mimic a real system.
  • The decoy systems can be set up in the corners of rooms easily and quickly with simply mounting hardware.
  • The floor covers are made to be ultra-durable for high-traffic areas.
  • The rugs come with anti-slip backing and padded edges for safety.

We understand the important of outfitting your office, store or business location with functional and affordable fixtures. Our dummy cameras are perfect for deterring theft while saving money on forgoing expensive security systems. The realistic look and functions can be used indoors or outdoors to ward off potential burglars. The entry mats are made specifically to decorate or provide a soft floor covering. Customize your rugs for added advertisement! Choose from different colors, styles and textures to match any theme or décor. Order each of these items at wholesale prices and receive same-day shipping on orders placed before 2 P.M.!

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