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Male Mannequin with Toned Body has Metallic Finish

Male Mannequins
  • Glossy metallic finish provides a unique, modern accent
  • Removable arms, hands, torso and leg for faster garment changes
  • Molded design made from fiberglass is highly durable
  • Heavy-duty metal base keeps the unit stabilized

This male mannequin for retail environments is ideal for boutiques, shopping outlets, and department stores. Each display can be set up in a window to sell the latest fashions. This male mannequin is often positioned in a group at the storefront to feature seasonal selections. The retail dress form is built using quality fiberglass and is finished with a one-of-a-kind metallic gray color. This finish allows the male mannequin to be used effectively in contemporary establishments as well as traditional locations. The faceless design can be implemented no matter what the season or style may be.

The male mannequin that is faceless has a full body design that helps encourage shoppers to visualize their potential purchases. The store dummy can be used for more than just clothing, as many retailers will showcase backpacks, watches, chains, and caps. The male mannequin also features a detachable assembly that is easier to dress than many other dress forms available online. Because trends in fashion change so frequently, users will want to have the ability to update the displays monthly, weekly, and even daily. The male mannequin is dynamic in that it can be used with either the calf rod or heel rod. The calf rod elevates the dress form to accommodate footwear for even more presentation options.

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Male Mannequin with Toned Body has Metallic Finish
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