APFLP Light Box Series

Set-up Guide

Each light box includes four metal plated binding screws, two longer binding screws, four tiny mounting screws
(with anchors), and a power adapter. This light panel accommodates a portrait or landscape style picture for either a countertop or wall mounted presentation.

Countertop Presentation:
For a countertop display, simply adjust the metal hardware to the desired configuration.
Fasten the longer binding screws to the bottom of the frame creating either a vertical or horizontal display.>
To install pictures, unscrew the hardware and slide your image between the two acrylic panels into the inner silver frame.

Wall Mounting:
To mount on a wall, drill four small holes to fit the anchors. Then place the metal plated stand-offs over the anchors and
slide the tiny screws through the holes. Next, using a phillips head screwdriver (not included), turn the screws into the
anchors as far as they will go making sure the stand-offs are securely tightened to the wall.

Attach the light box by fastening the binding screws onto each corner.
Finally, plug in the power adapter to illuminate the frame.