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Steel Garment Fixtures - Rolling & Mobile Clothing Racks for Retail Placement

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Trying to find durable and stylish clothing racks to use in your commercial space? These metal garment displays are made of steel and ideal to be used as retail store fixtures in your clothes shop or boutique. The mobile clothing racks are lightweight even with steel construction and all weigh less than 30 pounds. Some of the retail store fixtures have wheels or can be outfitted with them to become rolling wardrobe displays. The clothing racks, like garment holders, are perfect for placement in commercial stores, but can also be used in the home to organize closet storage. The rolling displays are also handy as coat checks in many locations and can save space by being moved out of the way when not in use. The garment stands with chrome or black coloring will coordinate well in many settings for employment in any kind of environment. Mobile stands for accessories, like hats, are also available in several types of styles.

What are the various types of garment displays that are available for purchase?
  • These clothing racks are sold in many layouts to accommodate clothes are other accessories
  • There are single and double bar or arm rolling racks that are outfitted with wheels for mobile displays with some having the ability to change their heights.
  • There are clothing displays that are freestanding retail store fixtures that have up to four arms that may be straight or slanted for better customers views and selection and may also be converted to mobile stands with added wheels.
  • These holders may also be sold to display accessories like, hats, purses or scarves. Some of these racks feature a more wrought iron look. There are other options sold too, like freestanding hooks, circular wire bins, and sign frames for complete commercial setups.

So retail stores, boutiques, and clothes shops are obvious places the steel wardrobe stands are used, but what about the other spaces that employ the chrome racks for less obvious uses. Dry Cleaners and Laundromats use the single or double bar clothing displays primarily as storage units to hang wardrobes until owners come to pick them up or as complementary tools for customers. Restaurants, hotels, and theatres use the mobile racks to check coats and hats while patrons enjoy food, shows, or receptions. Fashion and costume designers need places to hang clothes when they are not in use and so these work well as mobile storage that holds many wardrobe selections. The rotating hat racks could hold fedoras, hair pieces, or wigs for organizational purposes and because it spins it’s easier to see what is placed where. There are also plenty of hat boutiques, salons, or sports memorabilia shops that will find the caps stands useful too. Lastly, the chrome or black colored steel clothing displays can be used in homes as closet storage to organize a cluttered dressing area or to serve as a place to hang clothes when there may be no alternative. These stands are sure to last no matter where they are used because of their durable construction and what’s better is they are very affordable too!