Modular Register Stands & Display Cases | Alone or as Kits

Cash Wraps & Retail Counters - Many Color & Finish Choices with Lots of Layouts

cash wrap & retail counter

Are you in need of cash wraps & retail counters to finish outfitting your sales showroom or commercial shop? These register stands and display cases are truly ideal for any kind of store or business simply because they are so versatile. The wood cash wraps & retail counters have a basic design with easy access to everything that employees need so they can focus on customer service and not where bags for customer merchandise are located. There are POS stations as well as plenty of cases and display areas that can be purchased as single units if you only need a checkout stand or as part of a larger kit that includes many pieces that can be configured into many different layouts. The cash wraps & retail counters, like custom store fixtures, have the ability to be purchase with personalized graphics that can display a store name or a line of merchandise. No matter if your shop needs 1 display or a combination of 17, there is something to meet your customer service needs here!

What are some of the outstanding features of these store showcases & register stands?
  • These cash wraps & retail counters are made of durable materials, which may be laminated wood in several shades, tempered glass or aluminum and usually include some combination of two or more.
  • These kiosks are made with ease of access for employees and patrons in mind so the store fixtures may have rear sliding doors that lock, pull out drawers for coupons and pens or a check writing ledge for customer comfort.
  • The wraps and counters are modular cases and stands so they can be purchased in separate pieces and fit together; however, we sell a great majority of the wood and tempered glass store fixtures in kits that have as few as 5 pieces or as many as 19. All of these choices are to create a custom design layout for your space.
  • Graphics can also be purchased with some of these display cases and POS sales stations. Our Ava Elisabeth line allows those interested to choose stock designs or create their own custom images that will fit to the front of register stands and showcases. Some of these even allow for a choice of black or silver hardware for attaching the panels.

These cash checkouts and retail kiosks are able to be used just about anywhere that customers need to pay for merchandise. Sports equipment stores, pet shops, and such places that typically don’t use traditional displays will use just a POS station display and don’t need a full layout of cases. Larger department stores that have a center area for makeup, perfume or jewelry use modular kits of wraps and counters to not only provides plenty of store fixtures to store items, but also for the ability to complete sales right on the spot allowing them to focus on total customer service. The cash checkouts & retail kiosks that come in various configurations are great for different specialty shops because there are some many different choices available that stores both large and small can outfit their entire space with exactly what they need in terms of display cases and POS stations. These stands are perfect for advertising your company name too when custom graphics are purchased!